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Wildlife, access and noise

Started by Dev, August 03, 2016, 05:15:05 PM

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Originally posted: « on: March 12, 2012, 03:10:57 PM »

Sent after hearing about the proposed road in 2010 and reply from tmr ...


    Dear Mr xxxx

    Thank you for contacting the department and raising your concerns on the impact of the proposed ultimate upgrade to Mount Cotton Road from Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road to Upper Tingalpa Creek (Section A of the Redlands Corridor Program).

    As you may be aware, work is currently underway for Stage 1 of the above project to upgrade the intersections of Mount Cotton Road and Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road and Mount Cotton Road and Alperton Road. Stage 1 work will improve safety at these intersections and further details are available on the department's website. These works are not within direct vicinity of your property on xxxxx [address].

    Please find below a response to your concerns over noise, access and Koalas:

    A detailed noise assessment for the proposed ultimate upgrade will be under taken during the detailed design phase to determine the requirements for noise barriers. The type of asphalt pavement to be used will also be investigated during the detail design phase. The noise assessment will take into account the type of asphalt pavement to be used.

    The project can only move into the detailed design phase once funding becomes available. Funding for the proposed ultimate upgrade is currently unavailable for at least the next four years.

    Access to xxxxxx [address]:
    Accesses along Mount Cotton Road will be rationalised to improve safety and this includes modifying many accesses to become left in left out. The current proposed ultimate upgrade plan indicates a left in left out intersection with xxxx [address] and xxxxxx [address], however U-turns will be permitted at Cherbon Street and Wildsoet Street.

    The proposed planning layout has not changed since consultation occurred in 2007 and the plans have been available for review since this time. See Stage 2 - Ultimate upgrade at

    Koalas and other fauna:
    The department continued to liaise with the Department for Environment and Resource Management, locals councils and environmental groups throughout the planning phase to help understand the particular environmental issues in the Redlands Corridor.

    As part of the proposed ultimate upgrade and current Stage 1 work, the department will include numerous measures to assist in protecting fauna, including Koalas. These measures include fauna underpasses and fauna fencing. The department has also included within Stage 1 work the delivery of a fauna overpass structure on the eastern side of Stockyard Creek.

    Thank you once again for contacting the department.

    Kind regards
    xxxx xxxxx

    Redlands Corridor Project Team

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        Grant xxxxxxxxx
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        Redlands Bay Corridor Project


    Dear xxxxxxx,

    Re: Redlands Bay Corridor Project

    I'm just following up on our telephone conversation a couple of months ago. I hadn't heard anything so thought I should send a quick email putting my concerns in writing. A neighbour told me that they had asked a local MP and he had suggested that requests to council should be made in writing, which makes them auditable after the fact.

    Really, my concerns regard 3 areas: noise, access and Koalas

        1. As the volume of traffic will be greatly increasing the noise levels will also increase (particularly from going over the Dam where the noise travels and reflects). In particular I was asking that noise reduction solutions be implemented on this road between the Capalaba turn-off and Alpington Road. I live at xxxxxxxxxxxx. There is currently no noise retardants and I am requesting that
            1. low noise bitumen and
            2. sound barriers be used near our property. Indeed, we recently received a flyer from the local MP saying that such solutions were incorporated into the Gateway improvement project along to 8 mile plains at his request. We would like the same courtesy.2. I'm also checking on access to, and egress from, my street: xxxxxxx. No one has actually come and spoken to us so I wish to make sure that we will be able to exit our street and go left or right (and enter from either direction). We did receive our first flyer about a month ago, but it was not clear as to what the plans for the road actually are.
        3. Thirdly, the Koalas seem to be moving through our property quite a bit at the moment and I'm just checking that Koala sanctuaries are going to be installed upon the length of the road.In fact, the noise retardants could be devised to fulfil this function too.

    Could you please let me know that you got this and keep me updated with any advances,

    Kind regards,


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